Club Alpbach Netherlands

Bringing Europe to the Netherlands

And the other way around!

The European institutions and global developments have become of crucial importance for the Netherlands. We are a small country and can not operate in a vacuum, especially not considering European affairs.

Interestingly though, the Netherlands might actually be one of the most well-connected countries in the world. With Schiphol Airport, the Rotterdam Port, and the technological Brainport as a rising star, the global and local fuse together here in some of the key challenges of our time.

Club Alpbach Netherlands brings these discussions to the table. We are proud to represent the Dutch perspective at the European Forum Alpbach, where some of the most innovative young minds convene every year.

We organise events, connect the unconnected, and foster the development of the new generation that is rising in the ranks to create a better future for all.

Meet the team

We are dedicated. We all bring our unique perspectives to the table. We spread the spirit of Alpbach in the Netherlands.

Header picture (c) Bogdan Baraghin