Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I become a member of Club Alpbach Netherlands?

CAN gives you the opportunity to meet other ambitious young people from all kinds of backgrounds, participate in exclusive events with international decision makers and academics. Perhaps most importantly CAN gives you the chance to receive a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach. Two weeks in the Austrian alps with the crème de la crème of international politicians, diplomats, business leaders, academics and more debating the most pressing issues of our time.

What does CAN offer during the year?

Club Alpbach Netherlands brings interested and ambitious young people from all kinds of backgrounds together during the year by organising events. These are casual get-togethers where you can meet and network with other interesting young people, informal fire side chats with international decision makers and academics, networking events and more. Aside from the events, there is also a monthly newsletter with interesting articles written by our members, updates on events, information about Alpbach and much more.

How much time do I need to spend on CAN if I am a member?

You can be as involved in Club Alpbach Netherlands as you want. You can attend all the events, or just some of them, or only join for the chance to go to Alpbach. If you want to be more active, we are always looking for motivated people to help with promotion, organising events and much more. Maybe there is even a chance at a position on the CAN board.

Will I have obligations if I become a member?

There are no obligations for members of the Club. You can be as active as you want. Attend all the events, network with the other members or even work with the board to promote the Club, organise the event and much more.

Can I visit one of the events if I am thinking of becoming a member?

Of course you are welcome at the events if you are thinking about becoming a member. One of our events is the perfect way to find out what the Club Alpbach Netherlands is all about. You are also welcome to send an email, and if you have more questions you can meet one of the board members or older members online (or in person if you want).

Where are the CAN events organised?

Club Alpbach Netherlands is not located in any one city. We try to organise events in different cities to make it easy for all members to come to the events, no matter where in the Netherlands they live. At the moment, events are held online, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Can I become active in CAN?

We are always looking for ambitious and interested people to bring new ideas and energy to the Club. If you want to help us promote CAN and spread the spirit of Alpbach, if you have a good idea for an event or if you know a company which might want to sponsor us, contact us! We will gladly hear your ideas and welcome you if you want to work with us.