About CAN

“The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Established in 1945, the annual European Forum Alpbach and our events throughout the year address the relevant socio-political questions of our time.

We connect international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people. Our goal is to create a dialogue across the generational, ideological and other lines that divide us.” (EFA 2019)

Club Alpbach Netherlands (CAN) was established in 2018 by a group of Dutch Alpbach alumni. Our club has been recognised as an official member of the Forum Alpbach Network, a collective of organisations that are at the roots of the Forum

Our vision is a stronger presence of the Alpbach spirit in the Netherlands and a stronger Dutch presence at the Alpbach forum. We want to generate interest for the forum in Dutch society and ensure the Dutch perspective is represented at this progressive European forum.

Our mission is to represent the Alpbach Forum in the Netherlands. We aim to strengthen the presence of the Alpbach spirit in the Netherlands by attending FAN events, organising CAN events and supporting the attendance of our members to the annual European Forum Alpbach with scholarships.